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We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County, CA, specializing in Website Development, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing & Business Intelligence to increase your conversion rate. We are branding experts and web architects who are always ready to help businesses forge their internet presence on leading social media platforms with advertising and organic strategies. We help business owners adapt to an ever changing world with our IT and digital marketing services.


website development & Hosting

Lightray Solutions offers Web Development Services that embrace technology, strategies, development tools and design while helping you invest in building your online reputation. We will host and maintain your website.

Digital marketing & advertising

We keep efficiency in mind by utilizing analytics to ensure all resources are being maximized measurements. Lightray Solutions offers an extensive range of services to its clients and is always ready to create and implement solutions to help a business excel in the market.

brand strategy & Content creation

Knowing how to design a website is only one part of the equation. It is also essential to understand how to create one that is both functional and beautiful. One aspect of how we design a website with the newest technology is using modern fonts and colors.

business automation & intelligence

At, we provide our clients with consultancy services. Business consulting is a powerful tool that allows you to align your company’s strategy with its key objectives. There are many benefits of engaging a professional consultant.

We forge your marketing strategy We intentionally craft your marketing plan for SEO, PPC & Social Media Platforms

As a leading digital marketing agency specializing in lead automation, we help place your website on the first page in search engines and market your brand on major social media platforms using the latest tools and business intelligence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge tool in our arsenal to place your website in the front of search results.

We forge your brand strategy together

 It has been quite a journey for us as we continue to provide mastery in technology services. Our culture requires us to deploy cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

We provide Website Design & Hosting,
Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Business Intelligence Services.We help place your business on the first page in search engines and market your brand on major social media platforms.

Digital marketing utilizes web and internet-based technologies for promoting brands, products, and services. Most importantly, it helps increase sales through social media, apps, mobile platforms, and other internet-based channels.



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